Easy & comfy work from home looks!

One of the few positive things to come out of 2020 and the pandemic is more work from home opportunities! Which for me some days means roll out of bed and walk to my desk ☺️

For those zoom call days we may have to put a little more effort in, but since we’re sitting in our house we still want to be as comfy as possible! Continue reading for some easy ideas to dress up your lounge wear for those zoom calls or ideas to make you feel like you don’t live in leggings!

Add a blazer!

There are soo many designs, styles and colors of blazers out right now. Grab your favorite one and throw it over literally anything. A tank, tshirt, or dress. If it’s one of those days you are running late for a zoom meeting and still in your pajamas? You can probably
Throw it over them and no one will notice!

Check our our lightweight summer blazer to go with everything ⬇️

Business on the top, casual on the bottom!

Add a non restricting flowy work appropriate top to your comfiest leggings ( or pajama pants) and if your working from home, no one will know!

We love our new ruffle top, it’s as comfy as a tee but the ruffle makes it business casual ⬇️

Cozy sweater or sweater dress!

Even when working at home I keep my air up so I’m freezing like at the office, is that just me? ☺️
Look totally zoom appropriate in your coziest sweater or sweater dress, pair with your slippers or a comfy bottom!

If you want a sweater dress that totally feels like a fleece blanket check this one out ⬇️

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